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Help Is On The Way Grocery Delivery Services Is Coming!
 Never Worry About Grocery Shopping Again!

For Those Who Can't Do Grocery Shopping! Soon You Can, From The Comfort of Your Home!

Welcome to Help Is On The Way Grocery Delivery Service! We will be launching a very needed grocery delivery service for our seniors, disabled and anyone in need of our service! Now you can do light to moderate grocery shopping from the comfort of your home! You can also choose your preferred store! We may be coming to your area! 

Sign Up! It's As Simple As 1-2-3! 

STEP 1:The process is easy! To register fill out our Grocery Registration Form below or call our office at (314) 306-3447. We will get you enrolled and on our list so that when we start up you will be one of the first!

STEP 2: Our clients will have the choice to either place their order(s) with our Grocery Delivery Specialist via telephone or online. We will call you to take your order every 2 weeks or at the day and time appointed by you! 

STEP 3: Your first order will include an easy-to-use, grocery product listing and our clients are able to customize their grocery orders to satisfy their needs! Groceries are delivered  to you on the same day each week and in the case of a Special Rush Order within  24 to 48 hours!


STEP 4: Payment for groceries and service happens before delivery and the total amount is verified before purchase! Our drivers will bring your groceries into your kitchen and we will even help with the extras – like unpacking and putting up the perishables and heavy items!  We make payment for your grocery delivery easy for you.  We carry no cash, payment can be by Debit, Credit, Pay Pal, Zelle, or Cash App.

Grocery Assistance includes:

  • Orders can be placed online or over the phone with our Grocery Delivery Specialist!

  • Choose our Easy-to-use Grocery form that will include food items and household essentials!

  • Delivery of grocery items and we can help with putting perishable and heavy items away quickly!

 Delivery Fees:

  • There Is A Moderate Fee Charged For This Service.

We Do Our Very Best To Make Life So Much Simpler For Our Seniors And Disabled! 


To Register Or For More Information * Please Fill Out The Form Below! 

Call Us Today!

   (314) 548-6563 or

   (314) 605-6890


(314) 548-6563

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